I’m trying to figure out a way to pay the money.
I've been living in a situation where I have to spend my money urgently.Some people have to spend money on their acquaintances right now because life is getting tough.I don't want to talk to my family. I've been living this hard life.I was able to find out about car mortgages.​​I thought interest was high because […]

I've been living in a situation where I have to spend my money urgently.
Some people have to spend money on their acquaintances right now because life is getting tough.
I don't want to talk to my family. I've been living this hard life.
I was able to find out about car mortgages.

I thought interest was high because it was a loan with a car loan.
You have interest on the law, and you're asking me to pay you without following the law.
It wasn't. It was a trustworthy use. I'm right about the bill.
It's not, but for those who are preparing for a credit recovery or looking for personal rehabilitation, it's time to spend on living expenses.
If it's exactly six times, 폰테크 even if that's the case.
I'm sure there are people who can use it, and they're not collateralizing the vehicle.
You know, after the loan, you can still drive your car to and from work.
A man like me who's in this situation could gain strength.

I took out a car mortgage when I saw people preparing plans for finance.
First of all, where I'm checking the lowest interest rate, I can't protect it if it's not the cheapest way I write it.

No one has been in this situation for more than four years.
I heard you talking, and to write something, I'd like to tell you'
He said the first thing he needs is to look around and see how he can identify his personal.
The plan I've used is not to write down the parts I don't want.
And I thought it was really good not to save it.

There were a lot of situations that I didn't know because it was my first time using it, and it was really good because you were talking to me in a way that was clear and understandable. Using it after knowing this is happening.
Originally, I thought about it, but when they came up with the exact plan, I felt that there could be a situation that could be used in various ways. First of all, it was a little embarrassing to see a lot of interest.

There are all different ways to finance this.
You can see exactly what's right for you.

We're dealing with some really good stuff here, and we're holding some really good things.
You chose the best place for me. You're experiencing this variety of things.
It was nice to have a variety of things to receive. Nothing special happened under these circumstances, and I was able to get a mortgage.

And you're supposed to have a vehicle, even if someone else has it under the same name.
But even if you've bought a car for more than seven or eight years or you haven't actually been on it, it can be a little difficult, and if you've driven more than 200,000 kilometers in the country, it's hard because you've been carrying it for a long time.
It's better to find out exactly what you're doing.
You can't use it if it's less than 5 million won at a used price.
You have to look at this amount, too.

My car was really clean on the outside.
The street on the dashboard was really nice.
There's a variety of things that go first about being a car mortgage.
Even for those who have been downgraded, they can use it for 36 months or so, and they can pay it.
You can choose with the greatest consideration of reality.
It's about people who are in business to get money, and people who are in work.
Maybe it's not right.
This is a housewife who does housework, freelancers, or anyone who doesn't have a job, but if you submit a document that's conditional,
It could be possible. I don't have my last job right now.
I was worried about the transfer, but I've prepared a certificate of commission and a bank account to support my profits.
He told me to take care of it, so I really liked it.

If you need to get paid quickly, it's not hard to spend.
I think it's the best situation. It's easy to identify interest with these parts.
You can choose the best way for yourself.

If a person who doesn't have a job, a freelance job, or a housekeeper, submits documents that meet the requirements,
He says he can get a mortgage. I used to go to work.
I was worried because I'm doing this and that right now, but if you let me know the certificate of employment and the salary, I could solve it by telling me that I could handle it better.

Also, I can choose to pay the principal and interest evenly and meet my conditions, and choose a good method.
It was really nice to be able to pick one by myself.

You can choose the equal fraction of principal and interest, pay the monthly interest, and pay the actual money together.
I was able to pay my own way, prevent interest from turning off the lights right now. At first, when you pay the principal and interest,
They say the rates are high, but as the days go by, the money decreases.
It keeps disappearing, so I thought it'd be better to choose a little after the payment date.
The economy is so tough these days that it's hard to choose how to choose.
I was worried that the company that used to pay me well was closed and freelancing.
I'm running out of money to live. But like this, what fits me best?
You recognized me, and I'm a little relieved by the fact that I'm running a mortgage loans.
Now I'm trying to figure out a way to pay the money right.

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