I think I’ll visit the Body Lab Therapy often.
I don't want to move more because it's cold winter.Am I the only one who doesn't want to get around?​These days, I've been going back and forth between work and home.I do. I always sit at work, work, and go home.I've been lying down again, and my body's all clumped up.I'm feeling a bit down.​No […]

I don't want to move more because it's cold winter.
Am I the only one who doesn't want to get around?

These days, I've been going back and forth between work and home.
I do. I always sit at work, work, and go home.
I've been lying down again, and my body's all clumped up.
I'm feeling a bit down.

No matter how much I sleep, I think I'm more tired.
And then I went on a date with my boyfriend on the weekend.
I went to Pyeongchon 인천건마 Massage Body Lab Therapy.

I don't know how much I've been feeling lately.
I'm dying of fatigue.
It's a whimper. It's where they took him.
Proud of you ♡

Pyeongchon Massage Body Lab Therapy
It's a 3-minute walk from Exit 3 of Pyeongchon Station in Anyang!
It's on the third floor of W.A. Tower.

But I and my boyfriend took the car comfortably.
I heard that there's a two-hour free parking in the basement of this building.
I was able to get a massage without parking fee!

The massage price tag that you can check from the entrance!
This is a large taimasawa.
It is divided into Korean massage.

We're not sure what kind of massage we're getting.
I decided to make a decision after consulting with you.

As you can see from the costs,
You can get foot spa on any course!

I'm pretty good at relieving footspas with blood.
You know it's a big deal, right?

Plus, foot spa and full-body care will take 60 minutes.
You can choose up to 120 minutes.
The price starts at least 40,000 won.
Isn't it too cheap?

And focus on pain, growth, and the growth.
It is also possible to receive customized care even for special care.

If it's not Corona, it's open at 11:00 every day.
He's open until 02:00 a.m.
Come on, Corona's gone. Stay up late.
I want to have a comfortable date.

It's open all year round, regardless of Sundays or holidays.
I can visit you whenever I have a day off.

As soon as I got inside, the indoor shoes…
It was laid out to look good.
Change your shoes comfortably with the kind boss.
I started counseling.

I've looked inside, and I've seen the store management.
I think you're working hard.
Neat interior and sensuous red & blue
The highlights stood out.

It's a place I'm working hard on.
Hand sterilization and heat check are mandatory!

I saw it when we were disinfecting and checking the heat.
Discounts on Pyeongchon Massage Body Lab Therapy,
We've got news of the event on our official Instagram.
Tell them you can check it out!

Next time, I'm gonna get some event information.
I followed him. Kakao Talk again.
When you add a friend, you'll get points.
If this is 40,000 points, it's like cash.
I can use it. I'll work hard on the points.
It's a free 60-minute taimasa.
I'm gonna have to take it. lol

The subtle and comfortable scent that I felt as soon as I came in!

I don't know if it's because of these aroma oils.
It's used for actual massage.
You have oil on display.

You can buy it, if you're interested.
I think it would be good to put it in your house and use it.

I didn't make an appointment, so after the consultation,
There was a bit of waiting.
I've been drinking coffee that the boss put down.

It smells so good. It's better than any other cafe coffee.
Is this a cafe or a massage shop?
This small service is so nice.

Now I'm going to change my clothes before I get my foot spa.
I went to the hallway to go to the locker room and the shower.
There are many massage rooms.

There's a bed type massage room.
There was also an ondol-style massage room.
I'll show you the inside of the massage room later.

It's a locker room, a shower room, where cleanliness is important.
Maybe because it's a massage shop, every single towel,
Smells good, floors, dryers, skin lotion.
And I woke everyone up to look good.

Shampoo, rinse, body wash, disposable toothbrush,
We have necessary shower supplies such as toothpaste.
You can wash up comfortably without any shortage.

This is the footbath room!
It's a foot spa. Pyeongchon Massage.
Body wrap therapy is Woodton.
It's luxurious with interior design.
It gives a comfortable atmosphere.

I don't know if aroma oil goes in the foot bath.
It smells so good that my body and mind are tired.
I felt a little relieved just by foot spa.

Inside the massage room, there's a comfortable change.
The clothes and towels are arranged beautifully.

My boyfriend and I went to the Korean manager's course.
I chose it, but if you choose it as a tie massage,
The local Thai manager will take care of it himself.

I was satisfied with the Korean massage.
I'm looking forward to the Thai massage.
Next time I come, I'll give you a taimasazi.
I'm going to take it.

I want to get more attention while massaging.
I'll tell you the area and the robbery, as I requested.
You can get a cooler massage.

I've been having a hard time with my neck and back.
At Pyeongchon Massage Body Lab Therapy,
I'm satisfied with your coolness ♡

I just got a massage once.
The fatigue and the feeling of the pain that I've been feeling,
He disappeared in one fell swooped down.

I don't know why people get massages.
I feel like I know it now,

It was my first massage challenge, but this Pyeongchon massage…
I think I fell in love with the taste of massage.
I think I'll visit the Body Lab Therapy often.

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