Don’t worry too much.
If you're in a hurry,It's a good idea to make a decision-making.I think it's very difficult.And if it's financial,It's a day late, and the big problem is,It's even worse because I can do it.I found the house I wanted.If you were short of funds and you were in a hurry,Now I'm going to see if […]

If you're in a hurry,
It's a good idea to make a decision-making.
I think it's very difficult.
And if it's financial,
It's a day late, and the big problem is,
It's even worse because I can do it.
I found the house I wanted.
If you were short of funds and you were in a hurry,
Now I'm going to see if there's anything better.
Even if I transferred to a mortgage,
I think it's time.
This is a long-term loan.
If you add up to tens of thousands of won every month,

It could be a lot of money.
Please examine it thoroughly.
You're gonna have to pay for everything you need to get a house.
I wonder how many people there are.

That's why the government's overheating of real estate
It's hard to keep the LTV down to stop it.
I think so.
I think it's a good idea.

Only people with money 비대면폰테크 can buy a house.
It sounds like there is, so it's complicated.
It makes me feel bad.

I'm going to pay you back based on your future income.
The man who wants to buy my own house.
There's a lot more, but I don't know if it's effective.
I don't know.
Despite the constant pressure,
As real estate rises, if it's later,
Because of the anxiety that there's no chance at all,
Last year, he even described it as "gloss."

There were many people who overdoed their lives.
On the other hand, it's never gonna fall off.
I'm not sure I'm sure that's
I don't think so.
I borrowed it in a hurry to buy it before it went up.
Now that I think about it, if you think it's too expensive,
I'm looking for mortgage transfers.
You can use it.

At that time, I was looking for a place to rent right away.
It's the first thing I need to find.
There is a high possibility that the comparison could not be made.
Also, if you've used it before,
As the policy changes, the current conditions of the mortgage loan are at a disadvantage.
It could change, so for a long time,
Even if you set it up, periodically,
I'll check and see if there's anything better.
I think it would be wise to find out.
If you make a mortgage transfer,

The monthly payments are getting lower.
You can make economic leeway.
That's how much less psychological pressure you have.

There are quite a few advantages.
It's based on the house.

It's quite cheap compared to other financial instruments.
But there's definitely a difference.
I need a mortgage transfer.
Last year, as the economy deteriorated,
He's been very particular in the financial sector.

It's starting to unravel, and now it'
You can create a better situation.
It's expensive when you need it right now.
It didn't matter, but if you look at it calmly,
It could be disadvantageous.
So look at it periodically.
See if there's anything better.
We need wisdom.
I set the duration short.

If things get tough and it's too much,
It's also good to change it like this.
If the whole period is short, that's how much.
There's less to pay.
It's a good thing.
The problem is that I'm not paying for my income.
If you have to pay me too much,
Daily life can become difficult.
Plus, like last year, we're dealing with job insecurity.
As soon as things happen, they're pushed back.
Other adverse effects occur.

So don't set it to a monthly maximum.
We're gonna have to take some time to decide.
It is helpful in the long run.
I thought it was possible, but if it's hard right now,
I'm gonna change it to a long one.
It's better to make it.

If you look up, there's no commission to pay back in the middle.
There are quite a few products, or up to a certain point a year.
The condition of being able to pay back without any additional charges,
There's something attached, so you can relax more.
You can also shorten it.

I think it'd be nice to get it out of here soon.
It's about how to use it.
It's better to decide.
I don't want to spend it on liquidation.
I'd rather have some extra money.
It's better to make it and re-tech it.
It could be more helpful in the future.
as time goes by, the benefits that grow.
It's got a temper, so it's not like the 20s and 30s.
I've been more aggressive in re-teching.
I think it might be.
So I'm gonna tie him up at home.

Or maybe we can use it for a call.
You need to think about it.
I'm not looking at just one apartment, I'm looking at all the assets,

Future operational plans, portfolios, etc.
It's a comprehensive judgment.
I think I can raise it.
I'm home all-in, and if you don't,

Don't worry too much.
This time, let's take it easy and compare.
Well, if you're careful, you're gonna have to spend a lot of time
I'll come back with a steady profit.
You don't have to walk around.
I'm gonna run a mortgage on my apartment, and I'm gonna finish comparing it.
I hope it will be helpful for asset management.

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