I’ll leave a record of body type corrections.
out of sortsone who was suffering from pain.Gangnam Pelvic Correction Right Spine Movement Center​My long-cherished desire business,I'm doing a body correction. ~​I'm just gonna take a picture of it on my phone.I'll sort it out before I see it.It's easier for me to see if I put it up there.on one'sThis is a review of […]

out of sorts

one who was suffering from pain.

Gangnam Pelvic Correction Right Spine Movement Center

My long-cherished desire business,

I'm doing a body correction. ~

I'm just gonna take a picture of it on my phone.

I'll sort it out before I see it.

It's easier for me to see if I put it up there.

on one's

This is a review of the body type correction. ~

Take a break. This time.

I thought it was an opportunity for me to focus on 제주 마사지 my body shape.

Gangnam Pelvic Correction Right Spine Movement Center

Paying for it, studying and getting to know my body.

I'm working out to correct my body type.

One-on-one, to my body.

You're letting me off.

I'll keep a record of myself.

To remember how to exercise without forgetting.

I left a blog about the exercise I learned per episode.

Because each human body is in a different state.

I'm going to be at the Bargain Spine Exercise Center.

The learning orthodontics is strictly tailored to the body.

It's a calibration exercise. Please refer to it. ~

It's made out of data.

May it be left as a process of improvement!

Second round arrived!!!

Say hello.

as soon as I say hello

They give me a change of clothes.

To be frank~

When I get out of my clothes,

Did you have any inconveniences after the last exercise?

Do you have any unusual feelings?

I'm not sure if there's been any change in the body.

You asked me in detail.

I spoke to him in my memory.

Let's go to the main movement.

If you come to Gangnam Pelvic Correction Barracks Exercise Center,

The time to be abandoned until you come in and out.

No, sir. You're completely self-serving.

I'll fill up the post-secondary period.

He only focuses on orthodontics.

I'm glad you've learned a lot and watched one more move.

From what I've seen so far,

It's important to release the wrong body,

Eventually, exercise makes muscles that complement the body.

It supports and supplements the weak parts of the body.

I can make you play a role and keep you healthy. ~

So for the purpose of body shape correction,

If you're working out, it's even worse.

a specialist's department

It's a part of the need for customized exercise.

If you follow the Internet report correction movement,

It could be an exercise that doesn't fit my body.

It could be worse than a catastrophe.

I wanted to learn the right exercise for my body.

I want it fixed. Now please.

Doesn't it look very different from normal exercise?

It's a sling that's often used for rehabilitation.

Gangnam Pelvic Correction Right Spine Movement Center

It's my first time doing a sling.

It's not a lot in Korea yet.

for the purpose of rectifying the body type

The centers that teach you how to do slingshooting.

I think it's a trend that's happening little by little.

to the present state

We can control the strength we need.

And then the teacher said,

with the strength you need

Tell me how to exercise.

It's hard when I look at the pictures.

I think I'm just sitting still.


From the picture,

Is this exercise? That's funny.

I don't know if you think...

a low profile

More than three sets, your whole body gets more and more tired.

It's just... it's shaking.

What do you think?

I can, but the person who is actually involved

He was shaking. He was shaking.

I'm just laughing at myself.

I'm shaking, so...

He said you were doing great.

I don't do a lot of moves,

the action required day by day

The muscles that target the exercise.

It's a repetitive motion.

I'll follow your instructions.

But an hour goes by quickly.

It's kind of static.

It's amazing that it just passed by.

I have bad ankles;;;;

My right ankle didn't function properly.

You keep putting weight on the left side.

He was standing there.

I'm losing weight.

He's aware of it, but it doesn't fix it.

I told you.

Raise your left hand and look to the front.

a central position in the conservative committee

And looking at the pictures,

It looks like I'm standing still.

A wonderful and exciting world of orthodontics.

But after I've fixed my body,

I'll be able to work out. Ha ha.

It's a sling.

Set the height and tension of the line to your own level.

Change it every time and let me know how to exercise.


You can do a lot of different sports.

I can exercise safely.

In the last hour,

You showed me my homework.

At the end of the second hour,

He gave me homework.

What about homework?

to the point where I have to do it's available

He said it's good to do a lot.

Friends and people around you.

Everything I've ever done.

at the sight of

What's wrong with him?

He said he had to.

I'm trying to get braces or body type corrections.

I'm sure a lot of people are looking into it. ~~

So did I.

The only thing I can do is grab my body with my muscles.

I don't think so. In the end...

The current state and the direction of the solution

I need you to meet a teacher who'll give you the right answer.

That's the only way to make it better.

There seems to be hope.

I'll be back next time.

I'll leave a record of body type corrections.

Gangnam Pelvic Correction Right Spine Movement Center

Finished 2nd review!! It is.


I'm doing my homework.

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