I closed my eyes and enjoyed this time comfortably.
HelloI used to work outside the office.These days, I'm sitting in front of a monitor.Working has become a routine.​My eyes that didn't hurt.Keep your neck straight.Stretching makes my back neck cramp.I feel like I'm having a sore back.​I keep doing things I haven't done.I feel like I'm being overworked.To give me a present.I went to […]


I used to work outside the office.

These days, I'm sitting in front of a monitor.

Working has become a routine.

My eyes that didn't hurt.

Keep your neck straight.

Stretching makes my back neck cramp.

I feel like I'm having a sore back.

I keep doing things I haven't done.

I feel like I'm being overworked.

To give me a present.

I went to Gwanggyo Massage.

It's located at Gwanggyo Central Station.

It's right in front of exit 3.

It's been a while since I last worked outside the office.

Get out of the car and get a Gwanggyo massage.

I went straight to do it, and fortunately,

There was a parking lot in the building.

It's written in front of the door asking for a reading.

I read some comments.

It's a healthy business with a bathroom.

Ali was a notice.

Just in case, before you visit,

I don't know if a woman can go alone.

I was just asking.

A lot of people said they'd come alone.

It's on a reservation basis.

I contacted you in advance.

When you go in, you'll see the slipper in advance.

I was ready.

The atmosphere is different from other places.

It felt quite different.

The interior is impressive.

There was a price tag, so I took one.

Just looking at this space made me feel like a cafe.

I don't think you'll be able to see the pictures.

I raised the price of 주안 건마 Gwanggyo massage again.

I'll give you a little more discount during the week.

I was able to get a tie for 30,000 won.

from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Office workers are comfortable.

I think I can enjoy it at a reasonable price.

The atmosphere itself was clean and quiet.

I disinfect the building every month.

Once a week on its own.

I'm disinfection and disinfection.

And basically with hand sanitizer,

We'll make a heat check and a list.

I was able to use it with confidence.

Before I go to pick it up,

To change clothes, to the dressing room.

I moved, and I got a ready towel.

Your gown's been washed and tidy.

It was lying down.

So that you can wash your hands inside.

There was a dry sink.

With the handwash

Afterwards, my hair and my face...

Get ready for order.

I was satisfied because it was well done.

I got an oil.

So I took a shower.

With the towel inside

There were wash supplies.

I don't know if it's water moss.

It's good because it's not humid.

There's a locker across the street.

With other guests on the reservation.

Because we don't have to bump into each other.

You don't have enough lockers.

The door opens while I'm changing.

There was no embarrassment.

I changed my clothes and headed to the foot bath.

With a wooden sofa,

The ceramic bowl stood out.

It feels like I'm healing in the mountains.

I'll follow the supervisor'sir.

If you sit with your feet in it,

You gave me a welcome.

Reading the magazines lying next to you.

I enjoyed the relaxation I had for a while.

They also cook steamed herbs here.

I've been under a lot of pressure lately.

I was happy to receive it on my shoulder.
I spray powder when I take a foot bath.

It was definitely orange.

As you go into the water, the color is...

It was amazing how it changed.

I've been to get a rabid massage.

There's already water every time.

I've never seen him like this.
It relieves your fatigue and moisturizes you.

I think it's going well.

It felt soft when I touched it.

The supervisor used her hand in the middle.

You've relieved the fatigue of my feet.

It was cool and warm.

Now, I'm going to show you the muscles that are really tight.

To relax the stiff back of my neck.

I moved inside.

Because each room has a door.

I was able to receive it privately.

The room where you get the optical massage...

Starting with a multi-person room, a couple room, and a private room.

It was ready.

I'm here to show you.

I asked for your understanding and took a picture.

I don't feel anything.

I really liked it.

This is my private room.

Just relax your stress and heal.

I came here to get it, so I quickly lied down.

I'm lying down, and the mat gets warm quickly.

The therapy teachers came in,

fragrant natural oil

It's a warm touch.

dripping with sleep

I felt it.

The teachers who do the optical massage...

professionally educated

They're therapy teachers.

I've been having a hard time lately.

Adjusting the pressure on the sore throat and back.

It felt like I was spreading it out.

I think what an expert does is really different.

I thought a lot of people were coming back.

You don't have to tell me what kind of therapy you'really?

You know what you need.

Close your eyes and relax.

I enjoyed this time.

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